Louis (to Harry): It’s live while you’re young, innit? 

i will NEVER get over this

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"One day, whether you
are 14,
or 65

you will stumble upon
someone who will start
a fire in you that cannot die.

However, the saddest,
most awful truth
you will ever come to find––

is they are not always
with whom we spend our lives."
- Beau Taplin, "The Awful Truth" {Hunting Season – 28 copies left}  (via bonhivers)

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I wanna be apart of your inside jokes. I want know about each pill you take, and where deep in your body it goes.

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"I don’t want anything from you, at all. I just want to be the person you choose to sit next to in a room full with all the people you have known."
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I’m so sick of it, it hurts to fucking breathe.

"I can’t be that person anymore"
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I seen tfios for the first time the other day and my heart hurts so much.